I am a recent SCSU graduate, with a Bachelor’s of Chemistry with a concentration in biochemistry and a minor in biology. I currently work as a senior associate scientist at Eurofins PSS Insourcing Solutions, in Groton Ct. Here, I am an analytical chemist in the ARD Drug Product team and on the Safety Committee. During my time at SCSU, I worked as a Peer Academic Leader (PAL), and participated in BioPath’s Molecular Cloning and Technical Writing Boot Camps. I attribute my success to the opportunities and supports available to me at Southern, particularly the internship support team within BioPath and the leadership experiences gained as a PAL. Through the BioPath Bootcamps and resume support, I gained skills relevant to my current career. These experiences provided me an advantage over other candidates in the hiring process.

Prior to working with the BioPath team, I underestimated the value of networking and using LinkedIn to support my job search and showcase my skills. While participating in the Summer Bootcamps, I was urged by an instructor, to update my Linked-In profile and partake in digital networking. Within weeks, several industry companies invited me for an interview. If it weren’t for that advice and taking the time to update my profile, I’m not sure I would have found the job I have today.

I encourage current students to partake in hands-on skills training with skills specific to their concentration, participate in all networking opportunities and events, and take advantage of the opportunities one is presented, including those outside one’s specific discipline. There were many unexpected challenges and opportunities during my studies, but these only strengthened my work ethic. I urge all students to use the supports offered at SCSU, particularly the academic support services, like PALs. This program allowed me to go “full circle” starting as a struggling student who used the services, to completing my degree as a Peer Academic Leader, myself. My journey to career and academic success proves the importance of utilizing the supports and opportunities available at SCSU, through programs such as BioPath, the STEM department, and other career enriching services.

Sebastian Moraga

B.S. Biochemistry