Completing an internship in a students’ field of study sets them apart from other students whose only discipline-related experiences were classroom-based. Employers state that students who have experiential education (which includes internships) are more productive and better prepared for on-the-job challenges. Additionally, internships are a meaningful step in terms of building a stronger network among colleges, local employers, and students who are more likely to stay in the state (and the New Haven area) after graduation. In fact, of companies polled as part of our 2016 and 2020 Bioscience Industry Needs Assessment, 75% of companies hire their interns!

So how does the BioPath Internship and Early Career program work?

Great question – BioPath is an amazing resource for students in BioScience and STEM more broadly!

  1. Apply for the BioPath Internship Program using the application at your convenience
  2. Within a week, meet with a member of the BioPath team so that we can better understand your individual strengths and growth areas
  3. We will keep your resume on file and, if relevant internships come available that you are qualified to apply for (i.e., academic proficiency and skill acquisition), we will also help you update your resume & cover letter to meet the internship/job description
  4. You can and should submit your application directly AND we will follow-up on the back-end and connect directly with employers
  5. When you get an interview scheduled we can help you with the interview prepare!

What are the qualifications for most internship and employment opportunities in Bioscience and STEM?

We recommend that students have a strong GPA in their subject area, an updated resume with relevant experience and skills in BioScience and STEM, a great work ethic and passion for continuous learning!

What if I am not qualified? OR I don’t know if I am ready for this.

Maybe you aren’t ready.  YET.  Don’t be discouraged – let us help get you on the path to your goals!  Feel free to contact any of the BioPath team to help you along the process or just have a quick chat to understand your options.  Muhaymina Plair (, the Coordinator for Corporate Partnerships and Experiential Learning (aka Internship Coordinator) would love to meet to talk more about your experience, your career goals in BioScience, and how BioPath may be able to help you meet those goals.


Need Help?

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