The Bioscience Academic and Career Pathway (BioPath) is a partnership between the city of New Haven and Southern Connecticut State University (SCSU). BioPath aims to grow interest and participation in bioscience education by providing academic and experiential learning programs that position graduates for the 21st century workforce. 

BioPath helps sustain the Greater New Haven region as a leader in bioscience through four pillars: 

  1. Developing Industry and Career Connections
  2. Industry-Driven Program Development
  3. Building Aligned Academic and Career Pathways
  4. Promotional Outreach and Skills Development

BioPath connects each of these pillars by delivering Bootcamps in industry-sought skills, hosting industry-motivated research opportunities, connecting students to internships and co-ops, engaging educators in professional development, and facilitating community events.


The Greater New Haven region is home to the second-largest cluster of biotechnology companies in New England. Southern Connecticut State University (SCSU) was chosen as the lead academic institution on this initiative as a result of its longstanding commitment and support for STEM disciplines, strong connections with local high schools and regional community colleges, and prime geographic location near the heart of New Haven. 

For more information about STEM-related opportunities and partnerships at SCSU, please visit the STEM-IL page. For more information about SCSU programs in general, please visit the SCSU homepage.