Minahil Gilani

B.S.c. Biology

I graduated from Southern in 2021 with BS in Biology and a minor in chemistry. Since graduation, I worked as an Environmental Laboratory Technician at York Analytical, and currently serve as the health and wellness coordinator at Elena’s Light, while I pursue interests in continuing education. During my time as a student, I was very involved in university programs and opportunities. I worked as a specialist at the Center for Academic Success, served as research assistant for the department of chemistry, and interned at Vistara Bioscience. As a student, I used my summers wisely, taking advantage of extra-curricular programs. In 2019, I participated in an REU for the chemistry department, where I practiced regular data presentation, research techniques, and had the opportunity to present to inter-professionals. Last summer, I participated in the Python and Molecular Cloning bootcamp programs. I believe the bootcamp programs and my research experience equipped me with a diverse skill set that provide an advantage as a candidate and employee at York Analytical.

Looking back, I am fortunate for the opportunities available at Southern, and proud of myself for engaging in so many of these programs. As a new graduate, applying for a job in the bioscience industry was a challenging and daunting process, luckily there was an abundance of support at Southern. I was encouraged to connect with BioPath, to strengthen my resume, practice interviewing skills, and participate in skill based programs. The team at BioPath provided me numerous resources, including networking opportunities with Bioscience companies. This allowed me to secure a job at a local laboratory upon graduation.

For all students, my advice is to get involved, build connections, and work hard. I immersed myself in the college experience, and for that I gained so many skills and experiences that truly enhanced my resume and overall character. It is critical to begin research, internships, and skill training programs early in the academic career. Hiring companies look for candidates with 1-2 years of experience, which can easily be achieved as an undergraduate student. Furthermore, I urge students to build connections with faculty. My research advisor and connections with BioPath led me to a job at York Analytical. Lastly, my advice to all is to consider all the components of a career; think about the location, travel opportunities, concentration, and required skills. There is much more to a career than simply learning from a text book, and my time at Southern proved the extra work will pay off.