Female hand in a medical glove holds a tablet for writing and a pen

Technical Writing is designed to prepare students to produce effective, instructive, and persuasive writing for the bioscience workplace. Students will learn best practices in written communication for end-users who may include a variety of professional, technical, consumer, and specialized audiences. Students will learn to produce relevant workplace documents including memos, short reports and emails, summarize research and communicate with team members in the context of academic integrity and respect for diversity.

This is an intensive bootcamp encompassing 20 hours of learning with a capstone mini-project designed to simultaneously assess support your learning.




successful completion of 100- level English and 100-level Science courses.

Ideal student:

Rising junior or senior with at least a 2.5 gpa, including successful completion of 100- level writing and 100-level science courses.

Dates and Times:

 Course  Dates  Days of Week  Time of Day  Setting
 Technical Writing for Bioscience  July 6 – July 27  Synchronous meetings on Tuesdays  5-6pm  Virtual

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