Na’imah Majeed, Formulation and Process Scientist at Pfizer

The most important thing that has helped me in my career was gaining knowledge through education. The next important thing was setting clear/specific goals and using tactics and strategies to achieve those goals.

I recognized early on in my academic career my strengths and interest in STEM classes. The awareness of my abilities and passions attributed greatly to my decision to focus on STEM, while in college. I ultimately chose to pursue a chemical engineering degree because I saw it to be a strategic investment of my time that would set me up for success in the future. Upon entering the classroom, I was not entirely prepared for being the only black women in my graduating class. This realization strongly influenced my desire to be persistent/steadfast in my choice and enhance black representation in the field.

Advice I’d give students who are pursuing a career in STEM is to reinforce and retain (as much as you can) the key concepts you’re learning, by seeking inventive ways to apply them beyond the classroom; for example, joining a STEM club, working on a research project, etc. It’s important to recognize that the skills you are developing hold significance for society, therefore hone them through whatever means you have available, so that you are adept at solving problems in the future. Don’t just go through the motions, embrace all of the knowledge you’re gaining, and be curious about it.

Avoiding self-defeating thoughts and feelings of doubt has enabled me to cultivate a positive and empowered mindset during challenging times. When overcoming obstacles or making difficult decisions, I choose to stay calm, be confident in my abilities, and act courageously, so that I can be deliberate in my actions and resolve issues efficiently.

My guiding principle would be “Having a clear vision and being intentional will serve you well in all of life’s endeavors.”

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