Dr. Evans O. Onyango, Research Scientist III

One of the most important things I have done for my career is establishing connections and conversations with peers and role models early and at every stage.

Initially, I was answering my country’s clarion call to young people to pursue STEM to enable the country achieve vision 2030. Vision 2030 is an ongoing Kenyan government initiative to transform the country from a third to first world status. Eventually, it evolved into a desire to tackle some of the most challenging health issues.

Advice I would give to young people in my field would be to take advantage of YouTube resources on STEM!

I have overcome some significant challenges in pursuit of my career. My STEM journey spanned 3 different countries: Kenya, Japan, and United States of America. In Kenya, I had to embrace the challenges that come with pursing STEM in a resource constrained environment. In Japan, there were language and cultural barriers and finally I had to navigate the immigration system in America. In essence, every challenge needed a different strategy.

My guiding principle is to learn something new every day in your area of interest and beyond.

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