BioPath aims to advance educational and career outcomes for students in the Bioscience industry. We define Bioscience as inclusive of biology, computer science, math, and chemistry + physics. With support from the New Haven Innovation Collaborative and CT Next, we will be developing and launching a professional development series for educators.
Professor with two students in classroom
The goals of the BioPath Skills Academy for Educators are 4-fold:
  1. Improve educator (and student) awareness of what local bioscience companies do
  2. Forge connections between educators and industry representatives
  3. Learn about what BioPath could do maximize our impact and support educators in terms of advancing their teaching and learning
  4. Provide a platform (and equipment) to train and support educators seeking to develop/implement instruction aligned with skills/knowledge that local bioscience companies are seeking from graduates
Specific disciplines that we look forward to engaging in and supporting include biotechnology, (computer) programming, and data analytics. These are among the fast-growing occupations and the most in-demand skills sought by Bioscience companies.

In the short term, our series will include virtual events in which educators will learn from and interact with industry representatives, as well as reflect on their curriculum in terms of how they can best incorporate their new learning (e.g., what local bioscience companies do) within their own instruction.

Visit CRISP for previous professional development activities.